Welcome to VAAS India

Vaas Industries is a business with a proud 25 year tradition of experience and innovation, manufacturing, designing and testing a range of knife gate valves and pneumatic cylinders second to none in the world, It's 1500 sq.m. facility in Chennai, India is equipped with the most modern machinery and CAD design facilities available.

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Welcome to VAAS Europe

As the Vaas installed base expanded globally so did the requirement for local stock, product selection and technical support leading in 2008 to the creation of Vaas Europe Ltd in Leicester, England. From this central base Vaas are able to service it's ever increasing end user base as well accommodate project and distribution business.

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Welcome to VAAS Pacific

VAAS Pacific Pty Ltd is a subsidiary of VAAS Industries Pvt Ltd, based in Melbourne, Australia.

The company was established in 2008 to serve the Australian, New Zealand and Pacific Rim markets for the rapidly-expanding range of knife gate valves, slurry valves and actuators, manufactured in Chennai, India, for the world market.

The VAAS range of knife gate and slurry valves has developed over the past ?? years, beginning in collaboration and technology exchange with the world’s leading knife gate manufacturer, and expanding over two generations of in-house research and design improvement by VAAS engineers.

VAAS Pacific provides factory-backed technical and commercial expertise, with an on-site presence when required, anywhere in the Southern Pacific geographic area, and supports VAAS distributors and stockists in Australia and New Zealand.

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Welcome to VAAS USA
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